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The Birdman of Colombia
A strange quest for airborne (mis)adventure. Toting a hang glider down the length of South America in search of fame, thrills, and something vaguely how-you-say?... spiritual. music by Gringo Motel, Uma Floresta, Musicos Unidos de Latino America, Steve Red Band, David Henderson.
27 minutes / 13 megabytes.

Somebody's Sacred Mountains
Wide-eyed innocents on an Andean mountaineering expedition encounter reclusive natives, big unclimbed walls, disappearing diplomats, and the US marines. music by Uma Floresta, David Henderson, Gringo Hotel, Musicos Unidos de Latino America, Tyler Riggs.
28 minutes / 14 megabytes

A Flight Around Denali
A "virtually" clear day in the Alaska Range gives us the opportunity to fly completely around Mt. McKinley, taking in the magnificent glaciers, the stunning North Face of the mountain, the breathtaking Ruth Gorge, and the grand snowy peaks of Denali National Park. Lots of climbing history and geology. (Verging on the educational, but hey, can't there be great informational moments?) music by David Henderson. 34 minutes / 16 megabytes.
Visit our sister website to view a streaming slide show along with the audio from this podcast.

An Alaskan Welcome (Earthquake)
In 1964 The largest earthquake in North American history rocked Alaska, changing many things, including the Richardson family, forever. It was the day they moved to Anchorage -- and a day that shook many solid foundations. Story by Jim and Pinky Richardson and daughter Katy McKinney. Music by Bob Long, the Gephart/Long Quartet, and Bit Rationale (via
16 minutes / 7.6 megabytes.

A Sea Story
During the summer of 1975 a budding musician tries his hand at commercial fishing, with good and bad results. Somehow the music survives. Story and music by Guy Greider.
15 minutes / 7 megabytes.

One Great Moment Introduction
Here's the text from our Home and Introduction pages in podcast form. Podsafe music by The Chicken Bill Band.
2 minutes / 1.2 megabytes.