A great moment on "THE GREAT ONE."    Denali (Mt. McKinley) at midnight in July.

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It certainly seems that the tiny details of anyone's life - little glimpses into another psyche - are capable of absorbing us. Add a little humor, the occasional insight, something we can all relate to, or have always been curious about, and you've got sound worth sharing.

Stories of travel gone right or wrong.

And why not step it up a notch? Let's go for the big story - that one really great moment we've all had. Supposedly there's one novel in every life, virtually none of which are going to get written (at least if you're like us.) But how hard can it be to share your one great tale? The one the rest of us would all love to hear... and watch in our mind's eye?

Glimpses of life's more reflective instants.

Be yourself, or be anonymous. Be factual, or stretch the truth a bit. But make it the really good one:

  • The time the adrenaline was truly running, for whatever reason.

  • The social situation that was completely over the top.

  • The illness that put you in another realm.

  • The journey that went a little far.

  • The work day from hell.

  • The intentional adventure that got way too close to the edge.

Stories of travel gone right or wrong.

We're not looking for perfect form, otherwise you probably would have written that novel. We've all read the perfectly written piece that has nothing to say. We want to listen to the real story; lots of content, perhaps not perfectly polished.

So let it rip. Sit down and put it down. Write it if you're so inclined, we'll do the reading. Or send it to us in your own voice, after all this whole thing is about sharing files. Why not the most dog eared and significant memory file in your brain cabinet, the one your grandkids will hear over and over?